Residential Asbestos Removal

Where asbestos materials can be found in a residential property

Residential asbestos removal

Usually licensed

Pipe lagging
Loose fill insulation
AIB airing cupboard and/or sprayed insulation coating on boiler and hot water tank
AIB soffits

Normally non-licensed
(If work that causes significant break up may require notification)

Asbestos cement water tank
Toilet seat and cistern
Vinyl floor tiles
Textured decorative coating on walls and ceilings eg Artex
Roofing felt
Asbetos cement panels
Asbetos cement soffits
Asbetos cement roof
Asbetos cement gutters and downpipes

If short duration non-licensed – otherwise licensed

AIB ceiling Liles
AIB bath panel
AIB behind fuse box
AIB partition wall
AIB interior window panel
AIB exterior window panel
AIB behind fire
AIB around boilers , storage heaters and warm air heating systems

Note: This diagram does not show all possible uses and locations of asbestos materials. A detailed survey will be required to identify all asbestos materials in a building.

AJB = Asbestos insulating board

Do you think you may have asbestos in or around your home?

Whilst undisturbed, asbestos is not harmful, but cracked or broken items containing asbestos are exceptionally dangerous.

If you suspect the presence of damaged asbestos or asbestos containing materials in your property do not attempt to remove them yourself.

Doing things right is crucial in this business for the health and safety of clients and the general public. Everything we do is in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations of 2012, as well as all other related legislation and HSE Approved Codes of Practice and industry best practice. At Proactive, all removal projects are planned and managed thoroughly and production of full risk assessments and a method statements are completed before works are undertaken.

Asbestos removal in occupied properties is a specialised service that Proactive Asbestos Control specialise in.

We have learned that key factors in ensuring customer satisfaction are:

  • Providing a convenient appointment which meets the client timelines but with flexibility to accommodate your availability
  • Narrow appointment window so you are not waiting in for long periods
  • Arriving on time
  • Smart staff with fully branded company uniform
  • Attendance by readily identifiable operatives
  • Fully explaining what work is to be done and how long it is likely to take
  • Confirming how your home will be protected, especially with the sensitivity and fear which is associated with asbestos
  • Completing our work within the time stated, or advising at the earliest opportunity if our work is to be delayed and why, with a revised completion time
  • Competitive prices to all clients
  • Duty of care to all clients

We have over ten years’ experience in Domestic Asbestos Removal and pride ourselves at what we do, making use of our vast knowledge, experience and resources to ensure that all Domestic Asbestos Removal works are carried out to the highest quality level.

Whether your project is complicated or small and simple, it is essential that it is completed in the correct manner; not only so that the works are finished to the correct standard but to ensure that the works during the project are also performed in the correct manner and with the appropriate safeguards.

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