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Cold Weather and Asbestos Problems!

Posted on by Proactive Asbestos

With the current cold weather we are experiencing there can be problems with Asbestos! Frozen water pipes that thaw and leak can commonly lead to damaged texture coating (artex) within your home or work place. Texture coating can contain asbestos! The only way to be certain it doesn’t is to have a sample carried out the material.

Proactive Can carry out sampling of all buildings materials and provide the results within 24 Hours! We can also carry out the removal and disposalĀ of Asbestos Texture coating and all other asbestos materials.

Proactive Asbestos Control Ltd are a HSE licensed asbestos removal company covering Wellingborough, Northampton, Corby, Milton Keynes, Bedford and the whole uk! Call now for free advice and quotes.

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