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Reinstatement & Demolition

Asbestos was a popular material for insulating or fireproofing properties up until the 1980s, and is still present in many homes as a result. Asbestos is safe until its fibres become air-born, at which point our experienced team can safely remove it from your building. Once this task is complete, there are further things we can do to help restore your home and replace the missing asbestos with a safer product.

Property Refurbishment and Reinstatement

Our competent labourers are able to carry out effective services such as plumbing, plastering and insulation and will work efficiently to restore your property to an even better standard than before. Whether this involves internal or external work, we have a number of packages available and will be more than happy to discuss these with you.

Asbestos DemolitionAsbestos Reinstatement


Alternatively, if asbestos removal was required as part of a demolition process, our team are also fully equipped to carry this out on your behalf. Whatever the size of your building, from small scale to large, we have the necessary knowledge and skill to ensure the highest quality demolition is performed.

For more information, call your local branch by choosing from the numbers listed at the top of this page and we will provide details based on your specific needs.